Keeping your garage door in good shape should be a goal of any homeowner since a properly maintained garage door provides a secure space for your car to be parked or as an extra storage space. Since replacing a garage door can be an expensive endeavor, it's important that you determine first if a repair is needed.

If you're experiencing any of the following five issues, it may be time for you to get the door replaced entirely for the numerous benefits it will provide:

Drafts Are Entering Your Garage

A draft entering your garage may not seem like a big problem, but the truth is that the garage may not be kept insulated as much as you would like leading to the rest of your home being affected as result. While you can certainly insulate the garage door on your own, replacing the door entirely can help provide more permanent results.

Door is Off the Metal Track

All garage doors run on a metal track that helps them smoothly open and close. If your garage door is bumping when running on the track or simply cannot be adjusted at all, it could mean that there issues with the track. With how heavy the garage door is and the difficulty in handling the metal track, a full replacement may be the only solution.

Squeaking or Creaks When Moving

If your garage door is quite vocal when being used, it's a major sign that something is wrong. With how many parts are involved in the proper functioning of your garage door, it may be a good time to replace the door entirely if you've noticed any loud noises from the door while it's moving.

Safety Sensor No Longer Works

The safety sensor is responsible for stopping the door when something is found to be in the way of the closing. Not only is this important for preventing injuries, it can also eliminate damage to your garage door when it's closing. If the sensor no longer works, it's crucial that a repair or replacement is done as soon as possible.

Repairs Needed More Often

From constant creaking to dents in the door frame, it can be a hassle to always deal with problems involving your garage door. Replacing the door can be the perfect way to take care of all the repairs at one time and prevent needing additional repairs for months or years afterwards.

Keeping your garage door in good condition can be a challenge as it gets older, making a replacement a good investment to consider. By looking over all the potential issues garage doors can face, you can determine if a full replacement is a good option. To learn more, contact a company like Calgary Overhead Door Ltd with any questions or concerns you have.