While you might not know much about your garage door springs, this part of your garage door is one of the most important to proper operation and one of the most likely to experience malfunctions. Garage door springs are typically in constant operation, and this causes them to wear out over time.

Your garage door springs are not only a key part of your garage door's opening and closing mechanism, but they are also a potentially dangerous component of your garage door. 

The dangers of garage door springs

The springs of a garage door tend to be constantly under a great deal of tension. Much of this tension is exerted on the door when it is being opened or closed, but tension in the springs remains even when a garage door is resting in the closed position.

If a garage door spring experiences a malfunction and snaps out of place, it can cause severe injuries. It's a good idea for homeowners to acquire some basic information about their springs to stay safe. 

There are several different types of spring systems used in garage doors. The type of spring used often depends on whether you have a sectional or a tilt-up garage door. Most types of springs used for garage doors fall into one of two categories: torsion or extension. 

  • Torsion springs

If you have a sectional garage door that bends horizontally along certain partitions as it is opened, it's likely that you have torsion springs. These springs are located right over the garage door and they typically extend across the ceiling. 

  • Extension springs

A tilt-up, one-piece garage door will often be opened and closed using extension springs. These springs function by being recoiled and stretched out. Like torsion springs, extension springs are constantly under a great deal of tension. 

A safer option

Homeowners who are concerned by the dangers of garage door springs might want to consider TorqueMaster springs. These springs rely on a system that includes springs that are located in a steel tube rather than exposed like traditional torsion springs and extension springs. With this type of spring system, the garage door is opened and closed thanks to a winding mechanism that is created with a power drill device. 

This TorqueMaster system is often considered safer because springs are housed inside a torsion rod that offers added protection and security. Other advantages of this spring system are faster operation and less noise. 

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