If your garage door is looking old and worn, it might not need to be replaced. Instead, consider just repainting it. With a good type of exterior paint and proper techniques, you will have what looks like a brand new garage door in no time.

Clean the Garage Door

Before any painting project, you should prepare the surface. With a garage door, this includes cleaning the door thoroughly before beginning. Since it is an exterior door, you will likely have a good share of dust, dirt, and debris built up on the door. You also need to remove any traces of oil and grease from the door. Use soapy water and a sponge to clean it as best you can. Let the door dry, then start to sand the surface. This allows you to get a smooth finish and lets the primer and paint go on evenly. When you are cleaning and preparing the garage door, look for any signs of mold, rust, or pest infestation. These issues need to be taken care of before you start painting the door.

Paint On the Right Day

It is important that you choose the day and time of painting the garage door very carefully. Since your painting is being done outside, you don't want the current weather conditions to affect the quality of your work. Avoid painting the door on a windy day, as the dirt might pick up and end up in your wet paint. Also avoid extremely hot or cold days, as the weather could affect your finished product. Try to choose a cloudy or overcast day, not painting during the middle of the day when the sun is at its hottest. Also keep an eye out for the rain forecast.

Add Primer First

Painting a garage door often requires adding a layer or so of primer first. The primer provides a smooth base for the door, which helps the paint to adhere better to the door's surface. After you have sanded the door and removed the excess dust, begin applying the primer to the top panel, moving down toward the bottom panel. You should be able to use a roller on the majority of the door. However, if you have windows or different textures on the door, some areas will require a paintbrush. Apply one layer of primer over the entire door and let it dry. You can leave it be or add another coat.

Paint it One Coat at a Time

When your primer is completely dry, you can start painting the door in the same manner. Cover the door in one coat of paint, letting it dry completely. After it dries, you will be able to determine if another coat is needed based on the color you have achieved. Multiple coats are typically recommended. To learn more, speak with a business like KBI Door Services LTD.