Tired of your teen's friends hanging out inside your home and turning it into a madhouse? Consider surprising your teen by turning your unused garage into a safe space for them to hang out with their friends. You'll keep them close to home, give them some independence, and keep their friends from making a ruckus inside. After emptying the space and painting the walls and floors, here's what you can do to make the transformation complete:

Replace Your Garage Door

The first step in creating a cool and safe hangout space for your teens and their friends is to replace the garage door with one that provides easy access without having to open and close it all the way every time someone comes and goes. Choose a new garage door that has an inset walk-through door in it, or that opens horizontally so one-half can be kept closed while the other is used as an entrance. The new garage door should also have at least one window in it so natural sunlight can penetrate the interior space. If you don't want to or can't replace your garage door altogether, have it inspected and the springs replaced to ensure that it will be safe or regular use by your teen and their friends. A  residential garage door repair technician can help.

Furnish for Multi-function

Furnishing the space should be done in a way that everything can be used for more than one purpose if possible. If the space will double as a guest room for your teen's friends and maybe even family who come to visit you, furnish it with a futon or hide-a-bed instead of a couch and actual bed. Instead of incorporating a desk for your teen to study and do hobbies on as well as an entertainment area for movie watching and video games, choose a multi-layered desk that will hold a computer, television, video game console, and leave space for reading and putting together puzzles or airplane models. Opt for a table that can be flipped – one side is good for eating and playing cards, while the other can be used for ping pong.  

Decorate for Engagement

When it comes to decorating the new hangout space, go for things that provide entertainment and encourage engagement where possible. A dartboard makes for a great piece of artwork when it isn't in use. A working vintage jukebox will serve as a conversation piece and provide some entertainment. Consider hanging up an indoor basketball hoop with a clock installed on the backboard on the wall. The idea is to make sure each piece of artwork that you introduce to the space can be used for fun or entertainment in some way.

With the help of these tips and tricks, it should be a cinch to surprise your teen with a new hangout space to enjoy with their friends.