It happens all the time, the garage door is closed when someone mistakenly hits it with a car or other vehicle. The damage to the door can be very slight or very extensive depending on the force of the collision and that area of the impact. In any case, the door should be inspected by a garage door installer to determine if anything needs to be replaced on it after the impact.

Visual Inspection of the Door

If you or someone else has hit the garage door on your home or garage, the first thing you need to do is to inspect the door visually for damage. Are there any damaged panels? Is the door off the track? Does the door still operate? These are things you will need to tell the door company when you call to get it repaired. Try to see what is damaged if you can tell, and make a list. They will inspect it when they get there but it will give the door installer an idea about what parts he might need to bring to the job.

Repairing The Door

When the installer arrives at your home, he will inspect the entire door and operating hardware for damage. If the damage is limited to a door panel, he may be able to replace just that one section alone. If the door panel is a standard panel, he may even have one with him but if it is not or the entire door needs replaced, you may have to wait for the parts to be ordered.

Double Check The Moving Parts

The door installer will check the adjustment of the door and he will look at the brackets, springs, and rollers on the door to see if they are damaged, warped, or bend. You may have looked at them, but it is better for him to double check and find nothing then for the door to not operate when the work is done.

Adjusting The Door

This is a job for the door installer. Do not try and adjust the door on your own. The springs that assist the door are under extreme tension and if tampered with, could cause you severe injury or worse. The installer has the proper tools and knowledge to adjust all the moving parts of the door safely. When he is done, the door should open and close easily without binding or catching anywhere along the track. If you are not happy with the way the door opens and closes, let the installer know so he can make adjustments to the door.