The experience that you have with your garage door will directly affect the experience you have with living in your home every single day. The reason for this is that your garage door allows you to store your vehicle and have a safe place to park when you come home. If the door gives you issues, it creates an undesirable situation with your home and can cost you plenty of money. To stay in front of any garage door problems, consider these maintenance tips below. 

#1: Lubrication is Key -- Keep The Parts Moving Smoothly

When it comes to taking care of your garage door, you need to be sure the moving parts are able to operate without friction. Failing to lubricate your garage door bearings and the garage door chain will leave them susceptible to rust and also create jams and other problems. When you want to be sure these parts are well lubricated, garage door lubricant is an excellent investment. Be sure to spray the solution liberally and also use a shop rag to wipe away any excess spray. Lubricating your garage door chain just a few times per year can preserve it and help you avoid a series of different issues and problems. Your door will not only be rust free, it will operate much quieter as well.

#2: Keep the door sealed and aligned

When the garage door is not properly sealed, it will allow cold air inside that can make your garage very frigid during the wintertime. Allowing this air and moisture inside of your household can also have adverse affects on your garage door parts. You also need to check the alignment of the garage door. If it comes off track, it can give you serious problems that require more in-depth repairs. Cleaning out the garage door track will keep it opening and closing with no problem.

#3: Know when you should get a new garage door

To really make sure you are making the most of your garage door, never hold onto the garage door too long. If it is becoming an eyesore or giving you a lack of structural problems, you would be better served cutting your losses and buying a new door. Installing a new automatic garage door opener system can cost somewhere between approximately $1600 and $2300.

Make the most of these three tips so that you are getting all that you need out of your garage door. For more information, visit a site like