When it's time to put a new garage door on your home, you'll probably need to hire a professional to install it unless you have experience. You'll have a couple of choices though when you buy your new door. You can buy the door from the installation contractor or you can buy the door at a home improvement store and then hire the contractor to install it. Here's a look at the options.

Advantages Of Buying The Garage Door Yourself

One advantage of buying the door yourself is that you might save money. If you're thinking of doing this, go to a home improvement store and price the doors. Then get an estimate from a garage door company. Ask how much they charge for a door plus installation and how much they charge for installation alone. This gives you an idea of which is the best way to buy your door when saving money is important. You might be able to save some money when you wait to buy the door when it is marked down at the store. Another advantage of picking out the door yourself is that you can take your time to look over the doors to get an idea of how the different materials look and feel.

Advantages Of Buying Your Door Through The Contractor

Buying a new door through a contractor may give you a wider variety of manufacturers to choose from depending on the contractor you choose. This will give you a broader choice in colors as well as access to the latest designs. A home improvement store may only carry a few basic types of doors. The main advantage of buying through a contractor is that you know you'll get an exact fit for your garage. If necessary, you can even have a door custom made if your garage is taller or wider than garages that use stock doors. Buying through your contractor is more convenient too. You may not have a truck to haul a big garage door home and the door may be difficult for you to handle by yourself.

Even though you might save money by waiting until you can buy a garage door that is on sale at a home improvement store, you should consider the benefits of buying the door directly through the installation company. You may even get a good deal on the door since you'll be paying the installer to remove your old door and put in the new one.

A garage door installation company may even have access to bargain doors that fit your budget better than doors you'll find at a home improvement store. At the very least, they can steer you towards the least expensive doors so you can get your new door bought and installed at a price you like.