If you have young children in your home, and you have a garage, it is important that you take steps to make your garage a safe space for your child. A garage can be a tricky place for a child, with the hard floors, vehicles, and all the items that are often stored and stacked up in a garage. However, you can take steps to reduce the risk of your child being injured or hurt while they are in your garage.

#1 Install Motion Detectors

If your garage door was installed over the last decade, it should have two motion sensors, located on either side of the garage door, that detect motion and stop the garage door from opening or closing on anyone.

If your garage door does not have these motion detectors in place, or if they are not working correctly, have them installed. These simple motion detectors can save your child from being injured while in your garage.

#2 Reduce Clutter in Your Garage

One of the greatest risks to your child in your garage is all the clutter in your garage. It is easy just to stack and throw items out into your garage, without really having an organizational system. This can be really dangerous when you have small children. You don't want something to fall and hit or pin your child down.

This can be taken care of by being strategic about how you use your garage. Build in a system of shelves on the side of your garage so you can safely and easily put away boxes. Put up hooks to hang up garden tools such as shovels and rakes. Give everything that you put into your garage a specific space to occupy, and use shelving, hooks, and boxes to keep things organized.

A clean and organized garage will reduce clutter and will reduce the risk of something randomly falling on and hurting your child.

#3 Lock Up Chemicals

If you have any chemicals in your garage, do not just put them on a shelf. Put them inside of a locked cabinet or container. Just like the inside of your home, you don't want to leave any chemicals where your child can access them.

This includes things such as paint, deck stains, car washer fluid, oil, and gas. Make sure all chemicals and liquids are stored safely somewhere locked and above your child's reach.

#4 Put Down Some Carpet

Next, little ones are prone to tripping and falling all the time. This can't be completely avoiding. However, you can cushion their fall by putting down outdoor carpet in a pathway around where you park your vehicle to the door to your home. You can also use carpet scraps. The carpet may not last forever, but it should get you through the period of time where your child is falling all the time and protect your child from the hard floors of your garage.

Make your garage a safe place for your child. Make sure your garage door has motion detectors that will stop it from moving when movement is detected. Organize your belongings, don't just throw items haphazardly into your garage. Lock up chemicals. Put down some carpet or rugs to keep your little one safe from the hard floor.