Commercial garage doors are different from residential doors because they are used to provide secure entry to high-traffic spaces, such as warehouses or manufacturing facilities. Commercial garage door repairs should always be carried out by professionals in the field to ensure the safety of your employees and your business's property. Here are 5 signs it's time for commercial garage door repairs.

The Remote Does Not Work

If you have a remote control that doesn't seem to be working, you may need commercial garage door repair services. This could mean that the batteries are dead, but it also could indicate a more serious issue with the wiring. Unless an experienced professional inspects the problem, you won't know if the situation is too risky to wait any longer for repairs or if you just need new batteries.

You Notice Water on Your Floor

If you see puddles of water around your garage door, it could mean there is a leak in the door. This can be especially dangerous if the leak is near electrical components or close to where cars are driving. If you notice an unexplained puddle around your commercial garage door, contact the technicians immediately so they can inspect the problem before it leads to more serious damage.

The Opener Makes Unusual Sounds

When the moving parts of your commercial garage door start making unfamiliar grinding or squealing noises, it usually indicates that some serious issue has developed in one of these mechanical parts and needs to be solved with professional help as soon as possible. If they are not repaired or replaced, these parts can fail completely and you will have to replace your door sooner than planned.

The Garage Door Opens on Its Own

When a commercial garage door starts opening independently from the remote control or manual handle, it is a sign that there may be wiring problems with either the opener or within the actual structure of the door itself. In some cases, this might mean a loose wire has come undone. In others, it could indicate problems with something as serious as the electric motor. Either way, any time a repair service notices this issue, they should automatically recommend making an appointment for a professional inspection and commercial garage door repairs.

You Hear an Unusual Sound at Night

In addition to having your new rollers installed, you also should have all the wiring replaced if your commercial garage door repair technician notices any strange sounds coming from your door at night. This is especially true when they hear a sound that doesn't match the hours of operation for your facility. For example, if you only work during business hours and don't use cars or machinery with moving parts in your building, but you notice something making unusual noises during the middle of the night, then it's time to schedule commercial garage door repairs.