There are some key components that residential garage doors rely on to work, but one of the more important for automatic doors is the opener. It's motorized and subsequently helps your garage door move up and down. If you want it to last for as long as possible, follow through with these care protocols. 

Safely Test the Reverse Setting 

Every automatic garage door should have an opener that makes the garage door reverse if there's resistance. This is a useful safety feature to keep severe crushing from happening. You'll want to test this aspect of your opener periodically.

What you can do is activate the garage door and then resist it going down with your hands. If the force setting on the opener is correct, the garage door should immediately reverse back up. If it doesn't, then you'll need to have the opener professionally inspected and possibly adjusted. 

Test Receiver Frequently

A garage door opener isn't overly complicated. It has a receiver that accepts a signal from a remote device. As long as the receiver is working properly, the garage door opener will respond to commands you give it with the remote control.

It's a good idea to test the receiver consistently to ensure the opener is functioning properly. If you have delays or the receiver doesn't respond at all, something could be wrong with the opener. Again, it's a good idea to hire a garage door repair contractor to figure out this opener issue quickly. 

Know When a Replacement is Needed

You'll be able to keep a garage door opener maintained for quite some time, but like with all garage door components, eventually, a replacement will be needed. You just need to know exactly when this point is so that you avoid being without a working garage door for long.

Generally, signs that show you need a new opener include a lot of loud noises, constant overheating, and a completely non-responsive opener. If none of these signs are present, then you can continue taking care of the opener over the years and trust it's going to work great.

If your home has an automatic garage door, then it will work via an opener at the top of your garage. As long as you pay attention to its condition and performance often, it will be easy to care for this important component and fix issues quickly whenever they're spotted over the years. 

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