If your garage door is worn out due to age, you'll want to have a new one installed before your old door stops working. When you get your new door, you'll have the chance to upgrade to a different style or color. However, you can also just buy a newer version of the door you have now if you like it. The garage door company can show you the different doors available so you know your choices. Here are details about the garage door installation process.

Choose Your Door And Get A Quote

The garage door company can help you choose a door and answer all your questions about the installation process so you know what to expect. They will also give you a quote for the cost and set a date for the work to be done. They may also tell you how to prepare. You'll need to park your cars elsewhere and clear clutter out of the way so they have room to work. The company may also request that someone be home on installation day since the door will be open for an extended time and they may also need to discuss things with you if problems come up.

Buy The Opener Separately

If your opener is old too, you'll probably want to replace it. An opener doesn't come with the door, so you need to buy it separately. The garage door company will probably sell them, but if they don't, you can buy one at a home improvement store and let the company install it at the same time they do the garage door installation. You may want to learn about the different kinds of openers, especially if you're interested in a smart opener that connects to your home's smart system, so you can select one with the features you want.

Prepare For The Work To Take Hours

Installing a new garage door takes several hours. Installing the opener also takes several hours, so expect the installation to take all day. The installation technicians have to take the old door apart and remove it first. Then they have to assemble the new door before it is mounted in the garage. They may also have to make repairs to the frame if the wood is rotted, so there are several steps for completing a garage door installation, and that takes time.

Learn How To Maintain Your Door

The garage door installation technicians test your door thoroughly to make sure it operates properly and safely. You'll also be given the owner's manuals that come with the door and opener so you can refer to them for maintenance care and troubleshooting. The technician may also show you how to operate the door correctly and provide some maintenance tips to help your door have a long and trouble-free life.